Want to share your knowledge and passion with children? This class dives deep into children’s nonfiction and informational fiction writing. Participants will explore the writing process, along with strategies to engage readers with fresh ideas, improve writing, and get published. This two-hour course is packed with information, tools, tips, and 22 Write Now action steps to equip you to stimulate children’s curiosity.

In this course you will learn

• the difference between nonfiction and informational fiction texts

• how to engage your reader by considering text features, 5 kinds of nonfiction, mentor texts, and more

• where to find ideas

• how to research and organize your notes

• how to get started with a writing project

• how to make your writing stand out during the proofreading process

• how to make your text marketable

• what to do after submitting

The handouts for this course include

• a note-taking handout so you don't need to take 2 hours of furious notes

• a self-editing chart for picture book writers (which can help all writers)

• resources and tools to explore (websites, articles, and books)

• research resources

• online writing groups that provide you more support and community

“I took Annette Whipple's class on Writing for the Educational Market webinar and came away with a lot of practical tools that I could immediately put into practice. She explains how to break into the industry in a very personal and easy-to-understand manner. In addition to providing many free resources on her website, she is quick to offer encouragement and moral support to new writers who are looking to break into the market. She is a true cheerleader for the children's author!”

- Carolyn Bennett Fraiser

"The first time I heard Annette speak, I was struck by two things: how easy it was to listen to her and how much enthusiasm she has for the topic of children's writing. An articulate and energetic speaker, Annette's love of teaching and desire to benefit other writers with her own experience came through loud and clear. I found her excitement contagious and came away with lots of ideas for how to improve my own writing!"

- Sara M. (participant in SCBWI webinar)

“Annette’s webinar offered a fantastic overview of the work-for-hire market. I’ve written two WFH books, but I still gained valuable insights into different types of WFH projects, writing for different age groups, how book packagers work, and more. I also had Annette critique my WFH submission packet, and she provided clear, actionable suggestions on how to polish my submission materials.

-Susan Johnson Taylor 

Hi, I’m Annette Whipple. I think facts are fun.

I love writing informational books because I’m a curious person and love to explore and research topics I want to know more about. Through my writing, I excite, inspire, and encourage readers. So can you! Plan to learn a lot and be challenged along your writing journey. Nonfiction is a hot market. Are you ready?

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Facts Are Fun: Nonfiction and Informational Writing for Children

Want to share your knowledge and passion with children? This class dives deep into children’s nonfiction and informational fiction writing.

Write for educational publishers who publish books and products for the school and library market. Instead of pitching ideas, get assignments from editors! Learn more!

How do you turn a great book into a winning school or library presentation that showcases your unique voice and allows your readers to connect with your story? Learn more!

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